The official announcement of the support of Thodoris Soldatos  by “Nea Democratia” Lefkada.


“In an extraordinary meeting of “Nea Democratia” party, Lefkada on 26/11/2018, the Deputy Secretary of the Organization Regions of Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian Islands of “Nea Democratia” party, Mr. John Dardamanis announced the support of our party for the candidacy of the former MP Mr. Thodoris Soldatos as head of an independent ballot for the City of Lefkada.

Mr. Thodoris Soldatos is an active, combatant and capable member of our party, who served and offered much in the prefecture of Lefkada.

His profound knowledge of issues concerning the Municipality of Lefkada, his very positive course of the parliamentary seats for two terms, his recognition in the social and professional field, his experience, knowledge and effectiveness, consist a valuable guarantee of his success in the Municipality of Lefkada.

The “Nea Democratia” party of Lefkada unanimously supports his candidacy, at a time when creativity, composition and cooperation are required for local government. ”

We wish him good luck and we will be helpers in his work.





Press office

“Nea Democratia” party of Lefkada