Dear friends,

In the upcoming municipal elections, we have to choose between the restart of our municipal affairs and the collapse of our municipality, due to the multiple difficulties and problems our Municipality faces.

The main problem of the municipality, that of the management of garbage in the city of Lefkada, has not yet been addressed.

In addition, there doesn’t seem to be any intention of a transitional handling of the matter, that is to say, until its final settlement (auctioning and construction of a Waste Prepacking and Composting Unit), which will require at least 4 years.


The traffic in the entire municipality, especially at the points of entry and exit in the town and all the beaches during the tourist season, has become a nightmare.

The most beautiful parts of the municipality have been turned into endless, uncontrolled camping sites.

Our mountains areas and our islands Kalamos and Kastos, are abandoned.


 Dear fellow citizens ,

I know the difficulties to get to Lefkada out of the quagmire of stagnation and demerit. There are no easy or magical recipes.

For the Municipal Party that I  founded, for me personally, and for my colleagues, there is only one way:

The road of work, the road that will lead to positive outcome.

With this notion, I set out to build a municipal party, without the implications of political parties  or other dependencies, composed of creative, decisive and practical people who will not hesitate to collide with others, if that is in the interest of our homeland.

With our fellow citizens who seek consultation, consensus and cooperation, with those who are also candidates in the forthcoming elections for local government, having overcome partisan obsessions of the past, and seeking only what unite us.

Because society is now ahead of politics, and therefore, nowadays,  the increasing problems of Lefkada, like the problems of any other region, have no ideology or color.



Lefkaditissa and Lefkaditi,

You know that during the periods that I served Lefkada as an MP, I was next to you. As I did during my term at the Ioannina University Hospital in the past. I served my term as an MP without excluding anyone, without thinking in which political party you belong to.

I fought for Lefkada and I continue to struggle. I did not make promises that I could not fulfill. I am firmly committed to the word of Truth. Especially today. Without idealisations.

Thank you for the trust you have shown me in the past years.

I hope in its renewal, for the Municipal sector now.

I pledge that I will make every effort to be worthy of your expectations and your support.


The strength you give me returns back to you and Lefkada!